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Harris Race Radios supply the Radio communications for Motorcycling New Zealand events, we have long been associated with Motorcycling in NZ having personally raced motorcycles in my younger days, and was an active member of the then, Hutt Valley Motorcycle club inc, racing license holder and also being on the organizing committee for the Gracefield Marlboro series (responsible for radio communications) back in the 70’s. At the time I was a young Qualified Radio Engineer with Tait electronics.

Harris Race Radios are still involved in Motorcycle racing as we supply the communications for the Suzuki Tri series (Hampton Downs, Taupo, Manfield, Wanganui’s Cemetery Circuit Boxing Day , all south island tracks) Supercross, as well as various, Motorcycling meetings at all other NZ race tracks.

We would be happy to use the likes of Allan "Flea" Willacy, Jim Tuckerman, Robb Lewis, Mike Pero, and any officials who have used our gear, as reference’s etc.

Harris Race Radios was joined over 5 years ago by Aaron Harris (from Harris Communications Ltd) Aaron has also raced motorcycles, his major racing success has been in cars in Europe Bacalona 24h and the likes of Bathurst, with BMW’s, Porsche, and Seat’s, as well as currently looking after communications for several Australian Supercar teams, giving us huge advantages by seeing first hand in action what is being used in Europe, USA, Australia.

We have enough radios, headsets earpieces etc. to cover the Motorcycling New Zealand superbike and any other championships.

Base sets with power supplies and backups, we have a large number of these and have used them at all of the tracks, we will provide connectors so you can use the tracks built in antennas as well as back up antennas.

We have Repeaters avalable for bigger tracks.Motorola Motorsport Radios

We can set up as many channels as you want on all of the radios, I would certainly recommend separating Flag, from most others, as well as having spare channels. We will use our vast experience, to ensure the communications benefits all.

At the end of the day it is very much a matter of how the Race Director wants it to work and we can accommodate what is required make it work.


When you are using radios this close to the action nothing but the best is good enough.

Re Radio Equipment used: At Harris Race Radios We are not only the only professional qualified Radio Engineers we are also the only ones in NZ who have successfully raced motorcycles etc. and been involved with supplying Radio Communications equipment for 50 years.

We are the largest supplier of Rental Digital Motorsport equipment in NZ

Over that time there have been a lot of changes but still the number #1 radios are Motorola particularly with their noise cancelling Professional Mototrbo Digital Motorsport Radios. Whilst these radios are expensive they are “head and shoulders” above anything else available.   

For this reason we use Professional Motorola radios exclusively for our rental radios. We have tried all of the others, including the latest from China but they don’t cut the mustard.  

We use fully encrypted, full security digital private RSM channel radio systems, these are imposable to interfere with, scan or, manipulate, and are similar to the systems used by the Police etc.

 HeadsetsHeadset one sided

Re noise cancelling Headsets Here we have several options, past experience has taught me that no one is perfect for every situation or everyone’s personal likes. So I recommend a mixture.

1/ Full Behind the head noise cancelling headsets (this is our most popular) it is the most noise cancelling etc. best for Marshalls etc..

2/ Full over the head noise cancelling headset  

3/ Single sided noise cancelling headset (used where there is moderate noise but communications is needed with people around you.

4/ Motorola Earpiece used for officials etc. who are not in high noise situations.   


Re Battery chargers and spare batteries.

We provide free of charge 6 way chargers for every radio, and spare batteries as a just in case measure.



Re Set up and support. We are in the south island from 8th of January 2020 than up north for 6th March etc. so we have all of your meetings covered.

Harris Race Radios will attend your meetings to ensure the Radios etc are set up to what is required and all is functioning to requirements required.

We operate on being available 7 days a week

 Numbers of Units required for rental is not a problem as we have a world wide sorce.


Re. Price

This is always the big one and there is a number of variables, firstly we provide the best professional equipment with the only known proven professional  record in this industry backed up by professional qualified Radio Engineers who know motorcycle racing.


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