AIM MXS 1.2 Strada Digital street road Dash Display

MXS Strada


Aim MXS Strada 1.2

A wide range of data sources

Aim MXS Strada 1.2 is the the evolution of previous MXS Strada which is a  5″ color display with great visual impact. It is configurable to show lap times and all the info coming from the Engine Control Unit like analog/digital inputs, pre-defined math channels and optionally, the GPS08 Module.


ECU connection        Analog/digital inputs      Math channels            Second CAN             GPS08 Module

Aim MXS Strada 1.2 is available in two versions:

MXS Strada is available in two version  Aim Shop

MXS Strada CAN output

MXS Strada Preconfigured Pages

Watch Your Data in Pre-Configured Pages

Aim MXS Strada 1.2 shows, together with RPM scale, all the data you need, like speed, water temperature and oil pressure, lap times and much more.

Choose the custom pages you wish among a wide library of page styles, defining which data to be shown, their end of scale and measure units. Swapping between pages is quite easy using the pushbuttons.

High Contrast TFT Display

The Aim MXS Strada shows with RPM scale, all the data you need, like speed, water temperature and oil pressure, lap times and much more. Choose the custom pages you wish, including up to four additional fields

A wide library of page styles, defining which data to be shown, their end of scale and measured units. Swapping between pages is quite easy with the Aim MXS Strada using the pushbuttons provided.

MXS Strada High Contrast TFT display

Flexible Shift Lights and Alarms

The ten multi-colored RGB shift lights on the Aim MXS Strada may be customised to your liking to define the RPM threshold for each single gear. The same flexibility applies to the configurable RGB alarm LEDs. Configure them in order to turn them on/off depending on analog or digital inputs, ECU values, expansion values, math channels or, optionally, GPS information. You choose conditions, colours and you select a solid alarm or flashing one and the flashing frequency. It is also possible to configure an accompanying text message along with the alarm priorities.

MXS Strada Flexible Alarms

Two Digital Outputs

The AimMXS Strada features a LOW SIDE type (switch to ground) digital output configurable in order to be activated/deactivated depending on the value of the analog/digital inputs or on impulses coming from the ECU.

This permits to automatically run external systems, i.e. to switch on/off additional lights, to activate/de-activate a cooling fan or circulation pumps, etc. when a certain event happens.

MXS Strada Two Digital Outputs

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Camera inputs, also for mirror camera

Two analog camera inputs are available, to swap your display into a mirror camera, through pushbutton command or event management.


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Expand the system according to your needs

GPS ModuleAiM GpS 08 Module

GPS Module

Thanks to GPS05 Module (included in the kit) and its GPS Manager software, you can immediately get laptimes and all data needed for engine tuning as well as for improving driving technique

Channel Expansion

Channel Expansion
It permits to add 4 0-5Volt analog channels for pressure, temperature sensors and potentiometers. Two of these channels can be configured to receive digital inputs like wheel speed.

TC Hub

TC Hub
It adds 4 K thermocouples.

LCU-One Lambda Controller

LCU-One Lambda Controller

Wide band Lambda controller LCU-One, with Bosch LSU 4.9 probe, providing all Air/Fuel data, lambda value and exhaust gas temperature, allows to perfectly tune the carburetion.

Memory Module

Memory Module
Thanks to the SD Card, Memory Module records all your data in a file that to be downloaded on your PC for post-analysis. Memory Module, with 16Gb capability, also be connected via CAN-Bus to MXL2 and to all Aim loggers.

SmartyCam HD cameras for MXS Strada

SmartyCam HD cameras
The on-board cameras that overlays on videos the data sampled by your logger.

Aim MXS Strada Connection Examples

Connection Example

Race Studio 3

Race Studio 3 is the heart of your Aim MXS Strada 1.2 managing all your racing activities.

MXS Strada Configuration

With Race Studio 3 you will be able to create, modify, delete, import and export configurations with all channels, ECU drivers, Math channels, Display Pages, Digital outputs, Alarms, Shift Lights and all the expansions you need. You will also be able to manage the map of all your racing tracks and compare two laps watching the video recorded by SmartyCam HD cameras.

Race Studio 3

MXS Strada RS3 Analysis

MXS Strada Analysis

With Race Studio 3, analyse all data recorded by MXG and downloaded to your PC: graphs, histograms and tables will help you study your performance, providing an objective support to avoid mistakes and improve performances.

Download RS3

A wide range of data sources

Aim MXS Strada 1.2 is the dash logger designed to acquire and display data coming from your ECU, the internal accelerometer and gyro, as well as from the GPS08 Module included in the kit, analog/digital inputs and predefined math channels. Performance and data acquired can also be incremented adding up to eight expansion modules. Its 7″ display makes it perfect for wide cockpits installation.


In The Box
  • MXS Strada 1.2
  • USB cable
  • 14 pins standard wiring
  • 23 pins connector + contacts
  • software installation CD
MXS Strada Technical Specs
MXS Strada Accessories
MXS Strada Downloads

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Get all the data to help you improve your vehicle and driver/rider performance. We have made it easier for you, to get the right data management system by using our ‘get a quote’ form, then selecting your vehicle parameters and the data you want to collect.

Our team will look at the information you have sent and send you a list and quote for all the products you need to build your data logging system, along with any other relevant options.



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MXS Strada Accessories

MXS Strada Accessories

AiM harness

22 pins harness Part: V02573020
Download the tech sheet

AiM 22pin harness

22 pins harness with 1 thermocouple Part: V02573080
Download the tech sheet

aim 22 pin thermocouple

22 pins harness with 2 thermocouples Part: V02573160
Download the tech sheet

Aim 37 pin harness

37 pins harness with 1 thermocouple Part: V02573040
Download the tech sheet

AiM 37 pin thermocouple

37 pins harness with 2 thermocouples Part: V02573050
Download the tech sheet

AiM remot button

Remote buttons interface More info

AiM plug

22 pins female Deutsch connector Part: 5CN822F00

AiM plug

37 pins female Deutsch connector Part: 5CN837F00


AiM 37pin harness

37 pins harness Part: V02573010
Download the tech sheet


GPS08 Module More info

USB adapter Part: V02573030
Download the tech sheet

AiM USB cable
USB cable Part: X90TMPC002

AIM MXS 1.2 Strada Digital Dash Display – Street Icon Version


The AIM MXS 1.2 Strada is a high-contrast configurable colour digital dash designed for applications requiring a dash for display purposes but not wanting to use the dash for data logging (except perhaps lap timing as discussed later).  In many cases, data logging can be performed by the ECU instead of the dash if data logging is required at all.


This game-changing AIM product simply blows away all similarly-priced dash/display products that we have tested.  It’s appearance, features, well thought out wiring and the intuitive PC based configuration software makes a mockery of most other dashes offered at the same price point.  This isn’t to say that we think the MXS Strada is the worlds best dash or that it couldn’t it be improved upon. However, but we do think it is a very well designed and manufactured product that offers exceptional value while making many competing products look outdated.


The MXS 1.2 Strada is available as either the race icon version or the street icon version.  We sell both of these versions, although this product listing is for the street icon version. The only difference between these two models is the outline around the six multi-colour LEDs (3 on each side of the 5″ TFT display). With the street version the function of these lights is expected to be indicators, high beam, lights, low fuel warning, oil pressure warning and water temperature warning.  With the race version, these LEDs are generic so that they can be whatever you want them to be. It is also possible to have the same light indicate different things depending on the colour of the light. With that being said, in addition to these 6 LEDs you can also create warning messages that appear on the bottom of the display or pop up across the whole display.


Like many digital dashes on the market today, the AiM MXS 1.2 Strada can communicate with a huge number of both factory and aftermarket ECUs with connection options via CAN bus, RS232 or K-line.  With most modern aftermarket ECUs (including the Link G4 and G4+ range) the best option is to use CAN bus to transmit data to the dash. Harris Race Radios preferred method of installation is to wire all required engine sensors into the ECU leaving only very simple wiring required for the dash – often as simple as power, ground and two wires for CAN bus. All Non-engine related sensors – such as the fuel level sensor can be wired directly into one of the 8 inputs on the AiM dash and is further simplified by using our optional input/sensor loom. On the street icon version these 8 inputs would typically be alternator, indicator input signals left and right, high beam input signal, light input signal and the fuel level sensor. This would then leave 2 spare analog inputs if required. Additional wiring information is supplied with the AiM input/sensor loom.


At Harris Race Radios to ease installation further, we have also created a special AiM dash configuration that we think is a great starting point particularly for anyone using the AiM MXS Strada with an any Link G4 or G4+ series ECU.  By selecting to have the Harris Race Radios configuration pre-loaded into your AiM MXS Strada dash, you will receive your AiM dash all set up with alarms, lights, inputs and display pages plus it will be all ready to communicate with a G4/G4+ ECU.  Of course, you can tweak this configuration to suit your preferences using AIM’s free configuration software AiM Sports RaceStudio 3. If you purchase a Link G4+ ECU and AiM MXS Strada from Harris Race Radios at the same time the then we will also set up the CAN settings in the ECU free of charge.  However, if you purchase an MXS Strada without an ECU then we will supply simple instructions on how to set up the required CAN settings in a Link G4+ series ECU.


AiM Sport and Harris Race Radios currently we have the following parameters being successfully transmitted over CAN from the a Link G4+ ECU to the AiM MXS 1.2 Strada using aim sport settings in both devices:

  • Engine speed (RPM)
  • Engine coolant temperature
  • Intake air temperature
  • Oil temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Fuel pressure
  • Manifold absolute pressure (MAP)
  • Manifold gauge pressure (MGP)
  • Barometric/atmospheric pressure
  • Throttle position
  • Gear position
  • Ignition timing
  • Fuel injector duty cycle (%) – primary
  • Fuel injector duty cycle (%) – secondary
  • Fuel injector pulse width –
  • Fuel injector timing
  • ECU voltage
  • Trigger 1 error counter
  • ECU fault code number
  • Wheel speeds x 4
  • RPM limit
  • MAP limit
  • Speed limit

Harris Race Radios have in stock a lot of AiM Optional extras include their remote mounted buttons interface,  AiM Mirror / Reversing camera for MXS 1.2 Series,  and GPS transceiver Etc.  The optional remote mounted buttons interface is handy when the dash in mounted in a way where the 4 side buttons cannot be reached easily. The interface gives 6 inputs which replace the 4 existing buttons plus add a manual backlight dimming option and a trip meter reset. At this point it is worth noting that the AiM MXS Strada has one non-resetable system odometer plus 4 trip meters which can each be reset individually. The optional AiM GPS transceiver allows the Aim MXS Strada to perform lap timing on race track applications, Harris Race Radios exclusive NZ track maps are loaded into your dash, and all New Zealand tracks are correctly loaded giving acurite lap times are all recorded in the dash to be viewed later. So while the MXS Strada is essentially a non-logging dash, logging lap times is the exception.

AiM MXS Strada Technical specifications:

Display5” TFTResolution800×480 pixelsContrast600:1Brightness700cd/m2 – 1,100 LumenAlarmsLEDs 6 RGB freely configurableShift light 10 integrated freely configurable RGB LEDsCAN connections2ECU connectionsCAN, RS232 or K-LineECU compatibility+ 1,000 industry leading ECUsExpansion CAN connectionGPS, Channel Expansion, TC Hub, Lambda ControllerAnalog inputs8 fully configurable, max 1,000 Hz eachDigital inputs1 speed input, coil RPM inputDigital outputs1 (1 Amp max)Second CANYesBodyAnodised AluminiumPushbuttons MetallicConnectors2 AMP connectorsDimensions169.4x97x23 mmWeight480 gPower consumption400 mAWaterproofIP65

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