Harris Race Radios carry an extensive range of Antman Custom Trix Helmet Design products.

The original creators and manufacturers of the world famous brand ANTMAN CUSTOM TRIX, bringing you a world first and one stop shop for unique helmet accessories and upgrade kits.

Antman Helmet Design | Antman Custom Trix are located on the Gold Coast, Australia and are known as being one of the world's leading and innovative helmet artists and helmet accessory manufacturers. Harris Race Radios are the NZ suppliers of Antman products.


Antman paints for top motorsport drivers worldwide who keep coming back each year to ensure their helmets have the latest design development and cutting-edge creations. They work closely with each client in person or via email to ensure original artwork and inventive design.


Antman Helmet Design are the original creators and manufacturers of the world famous brand ANTMAN CUSTOM TRIX, bringing you a world first and one stop shop for unique helmet accessories and upgrade kits.


Come in and browse our Antman Custom TRIX helmet accessories and upgrade kits, including Custom Trims, Bulletz (air ducts), Grills, Intercom Housing, wings, drink lines, Forced air units and more. 


Come in and see our entire range.

The AHD Air Forced Gen II unit is designed and manufactured by Antman Helmet Design. This low profile unit offers an alternative to your brand bought air intake, it's sleeker, more precise design will give you maximum air. The Gen II is designed to suit most BELL helmets, as well as the Arai Helmets and Stilo helmets.

Antman Custom Trix Grillz     Wear it like the Pro's! Replacement ventilation stainless steel grills in 8 wild colours, all hand painted as we do for the Pro's. These products are developed to suit Arai Helmets, Stilo Helmets and Bell helmets. Double sided tape and full illustrated instructions provided. Designed and developed by Antman Helmet Design.

Bling up your Stilo, Arial BellRoux helmet USA.