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Fresh- or forced-air helmet systems, widely known as “Race Air,” or “Pumper Systems” have become increasingly popular in the Racing Industry for use in endurance and recreational comfort product. Racers use these systems, which can be purchased through Harris Race Radios to not only keep to themselves cool in the heat of racing but also to minimize the dust in their eyes and the fog on their lenses.

Our online store presents our products in the most accessible structure that you won’t have to search through page after page of resources. With over 30 years of experience, we’ve done enough research that we feel confident the parts and safety equipment you find listed here are the best on the market. We’ve got something for every style of racing and every level of racer.

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Take control of your air with a complete pumper package! The Harris Race Radios Pumper Systems take helmet air pressure to a new level. With the constant demand for more air flow in pumper style helmets, the MAC Pumpers build pressure and forces high volume air at a much higher rate of speed.

Eliminate the dust with the purpose built washable dry media filter with Outerwear particulate wrap. Run the entire race with one filter then simply wash in water so you’re ready for the next event. No more losing air because of a clogged filter!

Matched with our VSC (Variable Speed Controller) the M3 can be turned down for staging then instantly turned up for high pressure ventilation. The VSC pulse control precisely adjusts the amount of air entering the helmet.

From start to finish the M3 is built to race. High pressure, high volume, light weight construction, micron air filtering system, and waterproof connectors make the M3 the ultimate in helmet pumper systems.

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