Custom Racing Radios Ear Buds (with optional self impression kit) - Made In USA

    • 3.5mm or RCA Jack

    • High Quality Transducer Knowles

    • Fully Custom Self Impression Kit or get an Impression made by your local Audiologist then send them to us.
    • We will send them to our laboratory in the USA not China

Each earpiece is custom molded to seal the ear canal which decreases exterior noise and increases the quality of sound

Noise Canceling Earbuds & Helmet Speakers

It's important for race enthusiasts, drivers and their crew to use noise canceling earbuds and the right helmet speakers to reduce the risk of hearing damage during events. Ear protection for racing has come a long way, and we've got earbuds made specifically for racing environments. Our foam earbuds are made from Knowles transducers to provide protection from even the loudest cars, boats, motorcycles and more. We have earbuds designed to reduce noise while preserving communication between driver and crew. These earbuds plug directly into your portable radio or communication device while the specially engineered foam blocks all unwanted noise. No longer will you have to turn up your radio kits to hear over a humming engine!

Ear protection is key to a long-term, successful racing career. Our earbuds and helmet speakers are reliable, comfortable and engineered to keep you in the race. Your ears will be protected while you stay in constant communication with your crew and never again have to deal with ringing in your ears or not being able to hear your team. Order our helmet speakers and earbuds now to enjoy our quality ear protection for racing, affordable prices and fast shipping.

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