Stand 21 Club HANS Device

Stand 21 Club HANS Device

NZ New Zealand's most competitively priced Hans Device NZ.

The Club range of HANS devices from New Zealand's Harris Race Radios and  Stand21 are a fantastic value entry level solution for racers looking for a HANS system on a budget, without compromising safety.

The Club range of HANS devices are constructed from a honeycomb thermoplastic which helps to keep the weight down and allows it to pass the FIA test requirements. Standard features include a sliding tether system for less restrictive movement and shoulder pads for better comfort. Hans Device NZ fitment guide is also included.

Available in 20 degree recline which is suitable for saloon cars or other cars with upright seating positions.

The Club range of HANS devices are available in two different sizes -

  • M/L - Fits collar sizes 15"-18" (38-45.5cm)
  • L/XL - Fits collar sizes above 18" (45.5cm)

Weight 950g      FIA 8858-2010 approved

Stand 21 Ultimate HANS Device


The Stand21 HANS® Ultimate is one of the newest and lightest HANS® device to date and is currently available from Harris Race Radios NZ the Ultimate hans device is used by many F1 drivers including Lewis Hamilton, Nico Rosberg and Felipe Massa.

Available with a 30 degree recline for single seater / sports car use

or 20-degree recline making it suitable for saloon or rally cars with a more upright seating position. Sliding tethers are fitted as standard to provide a greater freedom of movement.

FIA8858-2010 Approved FIA

Exceptional ergonomics, geometrics and a lighter weight all combine to give you, the driver the very best money can buy.Stand 21 Ultimate HANS Device

Using all of their 10 years expertise in HANS® design and engineering, and taking over two years in development the HANS® Ultimate weighs in at less than 500 grams, a full 100 grams lighter than the current top-level device. The all-carbon bodies of these models combine an exclusive resin-transfer technology (RTM process) with a UD monolithic section. That refined monolithic technology has allowed a new design for the unit's arms. Their thickness is greatly reduced (4mm V’s 14mm for current models) as well as their footprint to improve the fit between driver and harness.

The arched top has been re-engineered and redesigned in its whole, offering a reduction of its physical thickness to below 2mm, allowing a reduction of helmet-to-seat (or headrest) space to improve safety.

The HANS® Ultimate is supplied with black padding and sliding tethers allowing for greater head motion. .

FIA 8858-2010 approved.

New Zealand's most competitive priced motorsport safety device .


HANS Adjustable Device.

Harris Race Radios unique HANS device allows the angle to be adjusted between 10 and 40 degrees in 5 degree increments. This means that the optimum position can be set for the best level of comfort in almost any seating position and is perfect for drivers who compete in a range of different vehicles. Sliding tethers provide greater freedom of movement and comfort shoulder pads are fitted as standard.

Suitable for all kinds of seating arrangements from rally cars to F1

Adjustable HANS DeviceThe adjustable HANS device is available in two sizes -

  • Medium - Up to 17" collar
  • Large - Over 17" collar

Weight - Medium 1100g / Large 1150g including padding and tethers.

FIA 8858-2010 Approved FIA Approved

HansHelmet posts are not included and are available separately.

NecksGen REV2 LITE Head & Neck Restraint.

NecksGen REV2 Lite Head & Neck RestraintThe brand new REV2 Lite for 3" shoulder harnesses has advanced features that elevate it to new found levels of comfort. It has no frontal yoke, so there's no pressure on the body or collar bone. The thin design gives full range of head motion with no front or rear interference with your helmet. In addition to the features above, the REV2 Lite adds a new adjustable tether system, rubber grip pads, and higher belt guides to keep everything locked in place during multiple impact situations.

Made in the USA, NecksGen REV2 Lite restraints are offered in two sizes to accommodate all drivers and sizing requirements. The entire package includes quick release helmet hardware, tool kit, and bonus decals.

Simpson Hybrid Sport Head & Neck Restraint.

Simpson Hybrid Sport Head & Neck RestraintThe Simpson Hybrid Sport Head and Neck Restraint is the next evolution of the popular Hybrid Pro Rage Device. Using a proprietary DuPont carbon/polymer construction, the Hybrid Sport holds a 20% weight savings over the Pro Rage while keeping a sleek and modern design. Defined shoulder wings help keep the harness in place, while the standard sliding tethers and multi-tether system offer a full range of movement without sacrificing protection. The SFI-rated Hybrid Sport keeps the minimalist design that rests on your back allowing for a quick vehicle exit. The design also means there is no need for seat modification, nor is the device affected by seat angle.

Sizes Small, Medium, Large, X Large. 

 Roux Helmets R-1 Fiberglass Base Model Helmet / with Stand 21 HANS device Club Special deal, save.

HANS Posts 


Accessories HANS PostsAccessories Hans Post   

A pair of HANS posts suitable for retrofitting to any FIA 8858-2010, FIA 8860-2010, FIA 8859-2015, SNELL SA2010 and Snell SA2015 approved helmet to allow the fitment of a HANS device or other FHR system.

M6 threaded fitting. Silver only.Sold as a pair.

ROUX FIA 8858-2010 HANS post anchor clips.ROUX hans post

Approved for use with FIA 8858-2010, FIA 8859-2015, FIA 8860-2010 or SNELL SA2010, SNELL SA2015 homologated helmets ONLY, that have a M6 threaded washer built into the shell as standard. These will not be compatible or approved for use with earlier helmets or standards.

Stilo branded FIA 8858-2010 HANS post anchor clips.Stilo Hans posts

Approved for use with FIA 8858-2010, FIA 8859-2015, FIA 8860-2010 or SNELL SA2010, SNELL SA2015 homologated helmets ONLY, that have a M6 threaded washer built into the shell as standard. These will not be compatible or approved for use with earlier helmets or standards.

Simpson D-Ring KitSimpson D ring kit

Use this D-Ring hardware kit to install on helmets using all Simpson Safety Solutions SFI Head and Neck Restraint Devices. Models include the Hybrid Pro, Hybrid Pro Rage, and R3.

 Necksgen Quick Release Kit.

This quick release kit is a replacement for the quick release helmet hardware set that comes with the NecksGen Original and NecksGen REV devices.

The HANS® Vision Advantage Plus Sliding Tether Set is FIA 8858-2010 approved and allows a greater freedom of movement in racing conditions while maintaining the safety and performance of the HANS® system. The sliding tether allows head movement for unlimited side to side vision, can be retro-fitted to any HANS® device ever made as it contains everything you need to convert one HANS® device (tether carriers, tether, screws and full instructions included).

The Vision Advantage Plus sliding tethers are available in three different lengths.

Recommended length is 18” which comes as standard on all new Medium and Large HANS® devices.
For users with open face helmets where the clips are located further back on the helmet or those looking for a slightly shorter version SCHROTH offers the 17” version.
In addition a 19” version is available for use with XL HANS devices.