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Harris Race Radios are your Professional Motorsport Communications provider, we have all of the part needed for an entry level budget conscious level Motorsport communications system to the very best that the Professional international teams demand both in NZ and in Australia. 

Motorsport Radios

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Motorola Mototrbo digital radios.
Radios Motorsport
Repeater systems
Harris Race Radios Digital System
Harris Digital Radio Systems


Harris Motorsport Intercoms.
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Harris HRR2 Advanced Expandable Intercom digital noise cancelling

Harris Race Radios NZ has a huge range of intercoms Intercoms from from the Harris 2MP1 Motorsport intercom to the Stilo and Rugged Radios intercoms, Rally, OffRoad Intercoms, Jet sprints, and offshore.

Harris Race Radios Intercom
Harris 2MP1 Intercom
Stilo DG10 Intercom
Stilo DG10 Intercom

Complete Radio Systems

Harris Race Radio Complete Two-Way Racing Systems are reliable & built to last. Our Complete Radio Systems are track-proven in the world of professional motorsports communication. We provide communication systems for teams, drivers and crews in all New Zealand racing series and teams.

Our team of Professional Qualified radio Engineers will ensure you get the racing communication gear you need—we can even create custom solutions for your specific needs.

Harris Race Radios complet radios systems
GRM S5000 radio system
Harris Race Radios radio system for GRM S5000 cars Australia
Harris Complete Radio Systems

Harris Motorola Full Professional Digital System. 

Digital Clubmans radio system.

Motorola Clubmans Digital / Analog Motorsport Communications System.

Motorola Clubmans Analog System.

Harris Race Radios Entry Level Analog Motorsport Radio Communications System.

Kenwood Clubmans Digital complete Radio System.

Motorola Motorsport Digital High powered 25W complete 12v Endurance Radio system.

Harris MX or Kart training simple one way radio system.

Harris MotoX Moto/Quad/Snowmobile Kit Rugged.Headset Cables

Harris Race Radios


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Radio Adapters/ Interfaces

Radios Adapters and interface cables (also known as “fly leads” allow handheld or mobile radios to be connected to Radio Communications harness in Racing cars, off road, power boats etc.

Harris Race Radios has or can manufacture cable to suit most radios.

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Ear Buds & Speakers

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PTT (Push to Talk)

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Helmet Kits

 Helmet Kits

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Car Kits

Car Kits   

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Aim Racing Data

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Harris antena
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