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Harris Race Radios are New Zealand Distributors and Stockists of a huge range of Roux and Stilo Helmets visors peaks and parts.

If you cant see it here contact us and we will get it.

Roux Helmets USA peaks and visors
Roux Helmets USA
Roux Helmet
Stilo Neil Allport
Stilo WRC Helmet
Antman helmet designs

Learn More Antman Buy Antman products

Antman Helmet Designhttps://www.harrisraceradios.com/product-category/antman/antman-trimz/

The original creators and manufacturers of the world famous brand ANTMAN CUSTOM TRIX, bringing you a world first and one stop shop for unique helmet accessories and upgrade kits.

Roux helmets, peaks, visors
Stilo Helmets neil Allport
Forced Air, Stilo, Roux helmets
HJC Helmets, Neil Allport

HJC helmets From $499.00

forced Air for driver cooling, Racer product.

Helmet cooling pumps, hoses, fittings etc.

Hans Devise and helmet combo
Hans Posts, Neil allport, Stilo, Arai

HANS clips and parts

Stilo Helmets and Roux helmets are purpose built for Motorsport Communications, with factory built in mics and

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