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The start of any great communication system starts with the intercom. It's the hub where everything connects such as your headsets, mobile radio, handheld radio, helmet kit, cell phone (BlackBerry, Droid, iPhone, etc), iPod, or other MP3 player. The features you might want vary from intercom to intercom, so take a look below or look at the quick feature list at right. Choose from basic portability or full featured intercoms with complete VOX capabaility - allowing voice activated conversations which automatically mutes your music in conversation. Whether you're a Rally enthusiast, an off road racer, competing on dirt bikes, or simply enjoy offroading your truck, buggy, jet boat, offshore powerboat, for sport or competition, Harris Race Radios is everyone's favorite choice for quality, performance, and value. We know for a lot of first time shoppers, the world of communication is a whole new area for you, so please, feel free to give us a call and we'll explain how all this magic comes together to make your experience unforgettable.

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The Harris Race Radios R2 advanced expandable intercom is the most complete intercom in the market today.
Featuring 2 or 4 place operation and expandable up to 8 or 12 places with optional expansion modules (sold separately) along with radio patch, cell phone input, audio in and out, this intercom has no match. 
Great for driving schools, off road racing, SUV’s, UTV’s, sand rails, dune buggies, and can also be adapted  for use on a pit stand. 


  • Music in with Auto muting

  • RF shielded Extruded housing

  • High output amplifier for exceptional sound quality

  • Isolated grounds to keep away any type of ground loop noise issues.

  • Adjustable mounting brackets

  • Adjustable VOX control

  • Side tone

  • Cell phone input (requires additional cable, sold separately)Radio patch (requires additional cable and PTT button, sold separately)

  • Compatible with All makes of Radio, Motorola, Kenwood radios, Tait, GME, ICOM etc.

Harris Race Radios, Harris intercom, Stilo intercom, Stilo WRC, Stilo, Stilo DG10, Motorsport communications, Neil Allport, Racer products, Off road, buggy, Rugged race radios, SCC-2MPI Two Person Intercom


The Harris 2MPI intercom is the most affordable two place intercom in the market without sacrificing quality and performance. Designed with driver coaching in mind the 2MPI is portable and operates on 4 AA batteries or can be permanently mounted and wired up to 12V. 

PRICE $199.00+GST


  • Independent volume controls for driver and co-driver

  • 4 AA battery operation for portable application

  • 12 V harness for permanent installation

  • Integrated roll bar mounting brackets for ease of installation.

  • Audio output to record audio in real time on your video device. (Video device must be equipped with an external audio input and an additional cable may be needed)

  • Extra loud volume with superb sound quality.

  • ON/OFF indicator LED.

  • Built in intercom to helmet leads  with Harris Race Radios style standard wiring configuration.  

  • Ideal for Driver training, Off road racing, Rally, Targa, Buggy's, Etc.

Intercom headset, Off road racing, motorsport communication, neil allport, Harris Race Radios SCC-SEIH Single Ear Intercom Headset

The Harris Race Radios SCIH intercom single ear headset was designed for use on student helmets that are not wired up for communications.
Simply put on the helmet and slip the SCIH single ear headset between the helmet lining and your ear, line up the microphone to your lips and you are ready to go.

Driver training , ride days, rental intercoms.



  • Nose cancelling microphone

  • Flexible microphone boom for ease of installation

  • Ultra loud speaker to ensure that you can hear every word

  • Heavy Duty cord with Harris style connection

  • The SC-SCIH can also be used to plug directly into any Harris style radio car wiring harness. It was developed to work in conjunction with the Harris 2MPI intercom and any Harris style radio wiring harness. 

Harris R2 intercom

Back of Harris Race Radios intercom

Stilo Digital DG-10 Intercom

This next generation of Stilo digital intercoms offers a dramatic step forward with it's active digital noise cancelling. Digital, unlike the limited capabilities of old analogue intercoms, in a millisecond can seperate the vitally important sound of the drivers voices from the excessive bad noises of the engine, transmissions and road road surface.

 A new feature which is not present on the Evo and WRC DES intercoms is the ability to switch the intercom between stage and road mode. Like the DG-30 the biggest developement of this revolutionary intercom system is the 3 options of noise cancelling enhancing the richest of sound between driver and co-driver. The DG-10 system runs directly off the car's battery.


Wrc des 9v

The best of Stilo’s analogic noise cancellation available thanks to the “Extra Filter”
Fed from the car power supply and 9V battery
Bluetooth connection with mobile telephones not available


Moving the switch to “Extra Filter” the background noises are strongly damped and the co-driver voice’s louder to the driver.
Since the driver’s voice sounds lower to the co-driver, it is recommended that the Extra Filter is set to off during transfers


WRC 03


Specifically designed for roll-bars fitment. ON/OFF control with the co-driver plug-in (never to forget to switch the intercom off); separated volumes, 9 V standard power supply and 12 V available option. Stilo specific cables for fastening safety belts.