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Harris Race Radios MX or Kart training simple one way radio system


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The Audio Pit Board Lite allows you to talk to your rider anytime. No more waiting a lap to have your rider read a pit board with four words in the blink of an eye. Stay in constant contact while your rider keeps his eyes on the track!

The Audio Pit Board Lite improves safety, dramatically improves coaching and spotting capabilities, increases lap times, and rider performance.

The rider installs the helmet speaker kit and connects to the scanner while the mechanic or crew chief transmits over the UHF radio via the PTT (push-to-talk) button on the side of the radio. One way communications and setup keeps the configuration simple for less distraction.

Perfect for training, practice, and serious competition. Dads can coach sons, race teams can improve lap times, and crew chiefs can guide riders through track conditions and more.

Don’t believe the Audio Pit Board can help you win? Just keep scrawling on that ‘ol pit board and hope your rider sees it on the next lap. Whatever you have to say, it can wait a lap, right? Wrong!

If you’re interested in an upgrade to the full 5-Watt version of the Audio Pit Board, check out the Audio Pit Board PRO

Audio Pit Board Lite Includes:
For Crew Chief/Trainer:
(1) Harris Radio 5-Watt Dual Band Radio

For Rider:
(1) Harris Mini UHF one way Receiver
(1) Velcro mount in helmet speakers

This a simple one way training system for MX or Karting etc.


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