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MyLaps X2 Transponder Direct Power – Car


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MyLaps Transponder X2 Direct Power – Car

MyLaps Transponder X2 Direct Power is permanently installed in your racing car and is therefore charged by the vehicle’s battery. You can use X2 Transponder on any track where you used the old AMB transponder. This motorsport transponder is compatible with all MYLAPS (AMB) Timing Systems for car, motorbike, kart racing.

The X2 Transponder requires a subscription. The price includes hardware

Subscription of 1, 2 or 5 year option included. After this initial period the subscription can be renewed. For activating the subscription on your transponder a laptop is required.


  • Unlimited warranty during active subscription
  • Compatible with all MYLAPS (AMB) Timing Systems
  • Accuracy up to 260 kilometers per hour
  • Connect it to your vehicle’s battery
  • Easy and free online access to your practice and race results via the Speedhive platform.

Are you looking for a rechargeable transponder? Take a look at our brand new TR2 mylaps Transponder!

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MYLAPS Transponders for various sports

We have developed specialized mylaps transponders & chips for each sport, since each has its own unique requirements. Professional car and bike series for example, insist on extremely high accuracy. Marathons need to handle a high density of competitors. Model car racing demands very small and light transponders. Whatever the sport, we strive for the very best.

With the personal mylaps transponder hundreds of thousands of sportspeople have full access to their results to view, analyze and share them. And they do not need to collect a rental transponder at each event. We provide timing systems at many sports locations and racetracks.

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mylaps x2 transponders To be able to track lap times, you need a motorsport transponder. This transponder is attached to the vehicle during the race and is detected every time the racer passes a X2 System loop in the track.

In addition to the current Mylaps X2 Transponder, we are now introducing the new TR2 Transponder. A better and smoother design with a Bluetooth connection to easily register and activate the device through your Speedhive app. Our trusted X2 Transponder  is still available an can be permanently installed with power through the battery or rechargeable with back-up battery. Car Racing transponder.

The X2 Timing & Data System and X2 Link provides new features to everyone who’s involved in racing.

Race Tracks, time keepers and federations get a more stable system with detailed track information and racers get to acces live race data, which can be published to racer’s own on-board displays.

Timing set up

The X2 system offers many features to timers. With the automated timing setup timekeepers and tracks can easily create results and publish them online. That way racers can check, analyze and share their performance data in their personal online account. The automated timing system also adds to the safety at the track.

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