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Harris Race Radios stock a huge range of Stilo Helmets and parts Stilo ST5 F, Stilo ST5 GT, Stilo WRC.
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Stilo Helmets are a dedicated motor sport helmet manufacturer, so you can be assured 100% of their development time and R&D budget goes directly towards creating helmets that are the lightest and toughest on the market.

For the rally word the Stilo WRC DES has dominated the market for many years with its iconic boom design, while the Stilo Trophy DES offers a more cost effective option for clubman use. On the track the Stilo ST5 Circut Stilo ST5 GT, range follows on from the developments of the ST4 helmets offering different configurations depending of the race series you’re racing: ST5 GT for saloon and GT cars, ST5 F for open top racing where electronics are required, a ‘naked’ version of the Stilo ST5 F, known as the Stilo ST5 FN with full visor but no electronics and the ever popular Stilo ST5 CMR and Stilo ST5 KRT helmets for karting use, to name a few.

Stilo ST5R is the same as Stilo ST5F R The “R” stands for Rally which designates that the helmet is fitted with ear cup and speakers, this is how 90% of Stilo helmets sold in New Zealand. For true FIA sanctioned circuit racing you are not allowed speakers in the helmet.

MSNZ allow the use of “R” helmets for both Rally and Circuit. If you are racing internationally you cannot use a Rally helmet for circuit racing.

The difference between “F” has electronics fitted, “FN” no electronics you will see the “FN” has no bump on the side of the helmet.

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Stilo ST5 HelmetThe Stilo ST5 F composite helmet builds upon the spectacular successes of the ST4 technology. Harris Race Radios andStilo has Stilo ST5 offshorelistened to all the constructive racer input to make the new Stilo ST5F Helmet an even better fit and more comfort for all drivers. http://www.rouxhelmets.co.nz/

The offshore Stilo ST5 F is the best full face Helmets.

Stilo ST5 Carbon helmet
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