Stilo Intercoms offer an Motorsport specialist Intercom model to suit professional and Clubman alike. With models designed with special digital noise cancelling systems, with additional functions like bluetooth and radio and camera connections, which is why Stilo are the worlds nuber 1 choice. We have a great selection below. If you have any questions please get in touch with our Professional Engineers, to select the model that best suits your needs.


This next generation of Stilo Intercom moving up from both the Stilo Trophy and Stilo Intercom WRC DES this Stilo digital intercoms Stilo intercom DG 10 offers a dramatic step forward with its active digital noise cancelling. Digital, unlike the limited capabilities of old analogue intercoms, in a millisecond can separate the vitally important sound of the drivers voices from the excessive bad noises of the engine, transmissions and road surface. Filtering these distinctive distractions right down vastly improves the more important sound of the communications between the driver and co-driver, for Rally and Targa racing.

The Stilo Intercom DG-10 has been developed directly from the Stilo Intercom DG-30 system and features the same digital noise cancelling function but at a more affordable price. Unlike the DG-30 the DG-10 functions and connections are built into the ergonomic panel with a separate input for camera and radio. The DG-10 system has Bluetooth connectivity allowing you to make and receive calls plus play your MP3 player through your helmets. A new feature which is not present on the Evo and WRC DES intercoms is the ability to switch the intercom between stage and road mode. Like the Stilo intercom DG-30 the biggest development of this revolutionary Motorsport intercom system is the 3 options of noise cancelling enhancing the richest of sound between driver and co-driver. The DG-10 system runs directly off the car's battery. Ideal for Rally and Targa racing cars.

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