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Mobile Radio Installation.

The main reasons for fitting a Mobile Digital radio is they run on 12v (no need to charge batteries) they are higher powered (25W) than a handheld portable radio (5W), perfect for Motorsport Communications, weather its for Circuit racing cars, Rally, Targa, Offroad, and Offshore.

Motorola Digital Radio

Installing a Mobile Radio correctly.

Harri race radios Motorola mobile instalation
Wire up as per diagram.
  • -12v for radio connected directly to -ve of 12v battery (not to ground )
  • +12v for radio directly to +12v of battery or kill switch.
  • Fit a Power noise filter in radio power wire.
  • Fit 15A fuse in DC power Cable, 5A in ignition sense power cable.
  • Ignition sense turns the radio “on” when the ignition is turned on and stay on until the 12V power is turned off.
  • chose the correct antenna to suit both your vehicle and frequency.
  • don’t tighten cable ties, care needs to be taken not to crush the cables.
  • don’t coil antenna cables, this will cause a loss in performance. If you have any problems call the experts Harris Race Radios.

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Motorola Mobile radio instalations

Connect intercom

Motorola mobile jumper cable

Motorola mobile radio harness

Harris Race Radios car harness

Harris Race Radios Digital harness


PTT button and cable.


Harris Digital Antenna

Antenna instalation
car harness

Harris Race Radios can provide you with Professional Telecommunications, Rex Harris is a qualified Radio engineer certified by RSM as an Approved radio engineer (ARE) and ARC so we can certify all of your radios, and radio licenses. Aaron is a Data Engineer working closely with all things involved with Motorsport communications. Harris Race Radios are Motorola, Kenwood and Rugged radios New Zealand,  NZ Dealers.

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